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 Writers Corner

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PostSubject: Writers Corner   Fri Apr 30, 2010 6:21 am

This is where you share stories you've written because you were bored. So people who r bored like me =D can make fun of ...... errrr i mean ENJOY your stories.
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Posts : 13
Join date : 2010-04-18
Age : 22
Location : jacksonville, Florida

PostSubject: Re: Writers Corner   Fri Apr 30, 2010 6:24 am

This is to start us off so here is my fail story enjoy =D

The Curse

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” I said screaming when looking at my reflection in the foggy mirror after taking a shower.
“What has happened to my bo….. bo…. body” I said shocked out my mind. I wasn’t myself. I was something, something savage. I was a beast.
In the mirror I was looking at some hairy creature with black claws and yellow fangs covered in tawny brown fur. I looked like a monster straight out of a movie. My eyes were piercing red color my ears perking up as though I was some wolf man. But yet I wasn’t it looked like a half wolf man half monkey. I even had a tail! But the main thing is the cursed worked! I completely took it for granted I thought that lady was a crazy old loon, but I guess not. But wait you don’t even know what I’m talking about. So let me start from the beginning.
My family and I were at a temporary archeologist camp (yea my parents are archeologists) in the Amazon rain forest. Of course it was a business trip not for our pleasure or should I say mine. My parents loved these kinds of things but I hated it. I mean sure I get dragged all over the world and stuff but at these camps its so boring. I mean they have no running water, no videogames, and no satellite TV. I’m surprised I could live out here at all. But unfortunately I can (I was hoping if I couldn’t they wouldn’t drag me across the globe as much) so that stinks anyway enough of my problems back to the story. So my parents took me with them on there next crusade (as they call it, I call it work because it is nothing but digging up old stuff). On the plane ride I was super mad because they decided to take me with them again I mean gosh can’t they leave me with grandma for once.
So after the plane landed in Brazil we took a Jeep all the way to the Amazon camp which was right next to newly discovered ruins. But when we got closer to it as we hopped out the jeep and landed on the rough green grass. I noticed something strange about this temple. Unlike other ruin temples in the Amazon this structure was shaped kind of like a skull. But not an ordinary skull more like a dog skull kind of in a way. Where the mouth was suppose to be was this huge hole surrounded by huge stalagmites and stalactites that that I guess were suppose to resemble teeth. Where the eyes were two huge boulders with a strange carving of a pupil inlaid in the supposed eye socket. But the most weird thing was covering the whole temple was brown moss not the usual green moss so it looked as though the skull was covered in fur. As I was mesmerized by this vast strange structure my dad walked up to me and said “Ain’t she a beauty”.
My response trying to conceal my interest was “I guess for some kind of temple thing.”
“Well legend has it that this was the ancient cursed temple of an evil Aztec king Atimizaar and he hid all of his priceless jewels there, but before he died he laid a curse upon the temple” said dad informingly.
“Wow sounds like the traditional cursed temple scenario just like Indiana Jones” I said.
“Yeah I guess you could say that” said dad laughing while rubbing his head. “Well we better head to the bunks” said dad as we were walking in that direction.
Suddenly I felt a firm hand grasp me on my shoulder and a loud screechy old voice was yelling in my ear something I’ll never forget.
“Beware! Beware of the curse of the ruin temple of Atimizaar. Those who go inside shall be cursed, leave before it is too late.”
Then just like that it stopped but left me shivering. When I turned around to se who it came from I saw a frail old woman being dragged out of camp by the guards. So I assumed it was her that screamed but I wasn’t really thinking about it I was more stunned until dad said something that snapped me out of my shock.
“Are you ok” dad said.
“Huh did you see that I wonder who peed in that lady’s cornflakes” I said.
“Well I’m glad to hear your ok Matt, well I think it is time to head back to the bunks I think you had enough adventure for one day” said dad.
“Yea if that’s what you call it” I said sarcastically. Well after that weird encounter I went to sleep in the very uncomfortable bunk bed they provided at camp. But half way in the middle of the night at 2:30 A.M I couldn’t sleep. So I decided to take a nice walk around camp. When I got outside I saw the true beauty of the rain forest. Beyond the canopy I saw shiny stars for what the actually were big diamonds in the sky. I saw the moonlit forest before my eyes. The exotic plants with there many colors of red, blue, and green. The bushes concealing the many eyes watching me. But at the center of it all in front of the temple was a lone wolf. It sat there waiting for me to take in it. Then when it realized it had my undivided attention it gave me a slight nod toward the temple and then dashed off into the foreboding temple. Now I don’t know what I was thinking at the time but all I know is it was stupid because I went in right after it. When I reached the inside of the temple I was shocked to find out there was nothing inside of it. That’s when it happened I don’t know exactly how because it was too fast. What happened next was the floor I was standing on suddenly gave way and I was falling, falling to what I thought would soon be my death. Then everything went black. I guess I was unconscious I don’t really know because I never felt anything like it before and its not like my vision suddenly went black. It was like what I was seeing was the sky but as each piece of the sky fell so did my vision eventually it was gone. But as soon as that image disappeared a new image appeared in my mind it was the image of the wolf.
“Foolish mortal why did you come despite my warnings” said the wolf.
“Whoa you can talk” I said amazed.
“Stupid human for your ignorance I shall” the wolf was suddenly interrupted by a loud vibration. The image started fading.
“Wait” I said. “Don’t go what are you saying” I said.
This brings me to now. I was found in an alley in New Jersey. I never had parents they told me. I’ve been an orphan all my life they told me. I’ve never been outside of New Jersey they said. They said I’m crazy and everything I’ve seen was all in my head. They said I’m schizophrenic. They are my caretakers in my mental ward. They said the wolf was a lie, the temple was a lie, the curse was a lie, and my transformation was a lie. But I know the truth I’m not crazy I’ve been here for 30 years. I know what happened it was the curse it did this to me none of it is a lie. So here is what I’m going to say. I don’t have much time left before night comes to transform me back into that wretched monster. So here it is
Don’t Go Into the Temple.
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PostSubject: Re: Writers Corner   Fri Apr 30, 2010 7:57 am

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PostSubject: Re: Writers Corner   Sun May 02, 2010 10:56 am

have more confidence in your writing

even though you don't have the pro writing ability I liked the story. write another for this thread and I garuntee you'll have at least one reader Smile

and I have a story that a freind and I wrote but we did it over 5 years so it won't fit here ^^;

maybe I'll write something tonight for you all
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PostSubject: Re: Writers Corner   

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Writers Corner
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